A Tribute to All Athletes

Not only I’m a fan of sports but I also have a lot of friends who are athletes.

Competition is never easy. A lot of hardships are expected. No matter how many times one fights and succeeds, no one can predict the results.

I respect and look up to great athletes, true athletes with real passion and a sense of fair play. As a tribute, I wrote the poem, “Salute to the Sportsman”.

Let us support the players who are giving their all in every game.


Another Poem for You

I had a notebook before containing poems I wrote when I was still in primary school. I hope I can share some contents with you but I am still having a hard time finding it.

My first poem was about my mother’s father. I wrote it when I was 8. He was especially kind to me. He would buy me my favorite. Ripe mangoes, that is!

Reminiscing the old times, I write another poem. Only this time, he is not here to read it anymore. Still, I am hoping that if he can hear me, he would smile at this poem like he used to.

Here’s the poem entitled, Grandpa.

I Firmly Believe

A friendship not built in trust is not true friendship.
I lost some friends before and I don’t want to lose any now. Thought we’ve been trusting each other but turned out that’s not the case at all. I don’t want history to be repeating itself now. I may not know of the words to say but let this new poem I wrote sing my feelings.
If there is one thing I firmly believe, that is… “Friendship should be built in trust.”
Check out my new poem, All I Ask, in the Poetry page.

Simply A Hobby

Writing is a nice way to kill time. Writing poems, for instance, lets me get over my boredom, express my emotions, and do something creative and productive at the same time.

Putting experiences into words and publishing them on a page, this is what this site is all about. This will be a collection of my experiences narrated by means of poetry, stories or other forms of writing.

To the readers, I’m hoping you’ll like the compositions. You may have shared the same experiences or may have felt the same way.

Let thoughts flow freely with emotions


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