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1st Anniversary

Hi! It has been a busy year for me and I haven’t posted any new poem for quite a while. As I check this site today, I just realize that yesterday was IdeaStrike’s first anniversary. It may be a day late but I hope that it’s not too late to celebrate.


Thank you to the readers who keep coming back to this site. I’ll be posting new poems more frequently.

To start, hope you’ll like this new poem, You Never Learned to Fly. This story really happened a couple of months ago. I wrote the poem the next day but didn’t get a chance to post it yet.

There are other poems just waiting to be posted so hope you can continue to come back and read.

Mabuhay! My Independence Day Poem

A month ago, I posted here in my blog a poem for the Independence Day which my country, the Philippines, celebrated last June 12. It was a poem I wrote for a contest in Today, as I am browsing my emails, I am surprised and happy to see that I get an Honorable Winner award for this poem.


For those who haven’t read the poem yet, hope you’ll take time to read Bandila, Sa Sagisag Mo.

Thank you to Gemme Scribe for starting this contest and thank you for selecting my poem to be among the finalist.

Of My Country’s Independence

It has been more than an hour since the day of commemoration of the independence of our country, the Philippines. Yet, I don’t believe it’s too late to be posting this poem I specifically write for the celebration. It’s my first post in the Filipino language. You may notice in the right menu a new category, Filipino Corner. This category is added to contain write-ups that are written in my mother-tongue.

I apologize to the non-Filipino readers who are unable to read and understand Filipino. This poem is dedicated to my country to depict the problems we currently face regarding crimes and terrorism resulting from our differences in religions and beliefs. Hope you’ll continue to wait patiently for my next posts.

To the Filipino readers, I hope you’ll take time to read this new poem,
Bandila, Sa Sagisag Mo. Hope the poem’s message reaches you and in your own way let it reach others too.

Couldn’t Write as I Wish

I wanted to write a poem for the Mother’s Day but couldn’t really find the words to say. I then decided to write whatever came to my mind but I was filled with negative thoughts. I couldn’t come up with a poem for Mother’ Day and ended up with the poem, In My Desolation, instead. It may not fit the season but it’s a poem which I pour my emotions into.

To my mother, I’m sorry that I can’t write a poem for you this Mother’s Day. My heart’s not really in it right now. I am just too depressed to write some happy thoughts. I just pray that my prayers will reach you in heaven.

Need More Sleep

About a couple of months ago, I woke up one morning feeling sick. My head hurt badly. I was a little dizzy. The boisterous ringing of my mobile phone’s alarm was pulling me away from my sleep.

It had been a busy period at work and a stressful time at home. And with the heaps of problems, I almost wanted to do nothing but to just lie down and rest.

As I was lazily looking up at the ceiling that noon, I thought about this poem to describe my simple wish of getting some more sleep. It is a short poem written for a simple idea. Hope you’ll let me know what you think of Look at You through the comments.

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