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My First Gold

I’m really sleepy and am about to sleep but as I check my email, I receive great news that inspire me to take time to post something on my blog today.

Just this month, I stumbled upon this contest…



It’s a contest in for Filipino writers. I was inspired to write and submit something.

I haven’t checked my emails for days and checking today, I receive a message that the contest has ended.



To my surprise, I see this…



I’m really happy to win especially it’s my first gold!! I didn’t spend that much time writing the poem but I did spend so much emotions in writing it. I am really happy to know that this poem has been greatly appreciated by the readers and the judge of the contest.

I would like to express my gratitude to Wanderess for picking my poem to win and of course, to all the readers. In AllPoetry’s site, this is my most read poem so far.

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

To WordPress readers, you can view this poem here. I’m glad to share with you the poem, Kapalit ay Luha. Hope you like it.


You can’t just give up

Wow! I really love articles written by mteodoraa. I have loved a lot of her writings. This post strikes me the most so I am reblogging it.

Manić Teodora

Magic happens to those who don’t give up even when they don’t have strength to keep going. Universe keeps falling in love in unbeatable heart.

Magija se događa onima koji ne odustaju čak i onda kada nemaju snage da se bore dalje. Univerzum se uvek zaljubljuje u nepobediva srca. 

How many times have you felt tiredness in your heart, something heavy on your soul, weakness and need for air, and it felt like there’s none of it. How many times have you wanted to run away from rest of the world, close inside four walls, just to disappear? How many times have you thought that you were beaten up, that they succeeded to bring you down, that you are deep down, on bottom? How many times have you given up on yourself, life, and world? How many times have you given up, and you shouldn’t have? You should have stayed…

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1st Anniversary

Hi! It has been a busy year for me and I haven’t posted any new poem for quite a while. As I check this site today, I just realize that yesterday was IdeaStrike’s first anniversary. It may be a day late but I hope that it’s not too late to celebrate.


Thank you to the readers who keep coming back to this site. I’ll be posting new poems more frequently.

To start, hope you’ll like this new poem, You Never Learned to Fly. This story really happened a couple of months ago. I wrote the poem the next day but didn’t get a chance to post it yet.

There are other poems just waiting to be posted so hope you can continue to come back and read.

Mabuhay! My Independence Day Poem

A month ago, I posted here in my blog a poem for the Independence Day which my country, the Philippines, celebrated last June 12. It was a poem I wrote for a contest in Today, as I am browsing my emails, I am surprised and happy to see that I get an Honorable Winner award for this poem.


For those who haven’t read the poem yet, hope you’ll take time to read Bandila, Sa Sagisag Mo.

Thank you to Gemme Scribe for starting this contest and thank you for selecting my poem to be among the finalist.

A Month Gap

I look at my last post only to realize that I have failed to post my poems for the past month. It’s been a busy month that I can’t find time to write in my blog. Hopefully, things are expected to lighten up a bit this month so I hope you can continue coming back to this site for my new poems.

As I do not really have time to post my poems today, hope you can wait till next week for a bunch of poems coming.

As always, thanks to all the readers who keep coming back to this site.

A New Twist to the Story

When I read about this contest, I thought maybe I’d try to submit an entry. I had no idea at first of what to write until I thought of a twist to the original story.

I wrote the poem in the younger guy’s perspective. While crying in the woman’s grave, he’s reminiscing their moments together. The poem clearly depicts the relationship they had. A warning though to those who’ll read this poem, this contains a lot of adult content. This is actually the first poem I write with such.

To continue with the story, another man who’s clearly older and more mature came to visit the woman’s grave. Also reminiscing his memories of the woman, the younger guy overheard his cries.

So, what’s the twist?

The twist is in the reason the woman had for having two lovers. The two sides of her: the dominant side (could only be satisfied by the younger guy who’s submissive to her) and her submissive side (could only be satisfied by the older man who possessed a great sense of authority over her);

The poem is written with a lot of imagery and adult content that are not suitable for readers under legal age. I GREATLY DISCOURAGE YOUNGER AUDIENCE to continue reading the poem.

For those of legal age, you may read the poem, Stained Innocence.

How did it go?

Oh well, it wasn’t first prize but I had a good time writing the poem as I was able to write something that is out of my genre. As I mentioned, it’s my first poem with adult content.


An honorable winner is good enough for me as I know that my poem has been well-received. I got nice comments too to go with the recognition. Though, I would really be glad if there will also be feedbacks coming from readers of this site. Hope you can take a time to read the poem and let me know what you think.


Continuous Growth

I am very grateful to every reader coming to visit this site. Hope you like what you see and enjoy reading my poems. As the number of viewers and followers continue to grow, new sections have been added to this site for ease of use. Easily follow my blog with the new “Follow” button located at the left just below the advertisement. At the right, you’ll see the most recent comments.

There are already new poems waiting to be published in a few days. I encourage you to keep visiting this site.

As the poems posted here reflect what I think, feel or imagine as the author, I would also like to hear from you. Hoping you can post a comment or two and just tell how you felt reading the poem or if it reminds you of something.

Thank you for the continuous visits and for making IdeaStrike grow.

Just Waiting to be Published

Hi. Sorry that I haven’t been able to add new poems for more than a week. I have been writing for new contests lately. The poems are already complete and submitted to the contests. They’re just waiting to be published here in this site.

Hope you won’t get impatient. Rest assured that there will be more poems added in a few days time.