A New Twist to the Story

When I read about this contest, I thought maybe I’d try to submit an entry. I had no idea at first of what to write until I thought of a twist to the original story.

I wrote the poem in the younger guy’s perspective. While crying in the woman’s grave, he’s reminiscing their moments together. The poem clearly depicts the relationship they had. A warning though to those who’ll read this poem, this contains a lot of adult content. This is actually the first poem I write with such.

To continue with the story, another man who’s clearly older and more mature came to visit the woman’s grave. Also reminiscing his memories of the woman, the younger guy overheard his cries.

So, what’s the twist?

The twist is in the reason the woman had for having two lovers. The two sides of her: the dominant side (could only be satisfied by the younger guy who’s submissive to her) and her submissive side (could only be satisfied by the older man who possessed a great sense of authority over her);

The poem is written with a lot of imagery and adult content that are not suitable for readers under legal age. I GREATLY DISCOURAGE YOUNGER AUDIENCE to continue reading the poem.

For those of legal age, you may read the poem, Stained Innocence.

How did it go?

Oh well, it wasn’t first prize but I had a good time writing the poem as I was able to write something that is out of my genre. As I mentioned, it’s my first poem with adult content.


An honorable winner is good enough for me as I know that my poem has been well-received. I got nice comments too to go with the recognition. Though, I would really be glad if there will also be feedbacks coming from readers of this site. Hope you can take a time to read the poem and let me know what you think.



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