How Do I Feel Today? [Bored]

There are a lot of things I need to do right now particularly things I need to study for my career. But for some reason, I feel so tired from all the activities I have done from both my work and my personal life that I feel lazy and bored.

I have landed into my dream job so I don’t think I should be complaining. I just have to take some rest, refresh my mindset and pull myself together to get back to my feet.

Anyway, to depict how I feel, I write this new poem…

Oh Boredom

Oh boredom, oh please I beg
Take off these chains that bind me
Their too tight I can’t breathe
Hear me, oh please, and set me free
Oh boredom, I beg of you
Take everything away but my passion
Give me at least some space to move
And pursue that thing called “ambition”
Oh boredom, please hear me out
Don’t pull me in your cold empty space
It’s tempting to just lie on you
But success, I’ll never get to taste
Oh boredom, I greatly refuse
To give in to your soft cuddling
It may be nice to just lie and rest
But living will feel like dying
Oh boredom, I need to go
You know I still have a dream to chase
Making the right thing by leaving you behind
Not letting my life ever go to waste

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