Grateful Little Voice

Once, there was a young boy living in the streets. He dreamed of things, he knew he’d never have. He was dirty so people found him disgusting.

One day, a man came and showed kindness to the little boy. Not minding the dirt on his body, he embraced him. The boy, feeling love for the first time, cried and held the man tightly not wanting to let go. So the man, brought him to his house and they became a family.

Years after, the boy grew to a fine young lad. But the man, who stood as a father to him, was already old, weak and dying. Repaying his kindness, he took care of him. But dying is inevitable. Though heartbroken, life must continue. As an act of gratefulness to the man who took him in as his own, he must move forward in life, not wasting it and living it right.

This story is depicted in my new poem, “Grateful Little Voice”.


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