Contest, “Suppressed!”, has been judged!

I have been trying to sleep but for some reason, I just can’t. So I try to finish commenting on all the remaining entries for this All Poetry contest.

Also, I manage to at last choose the 5 finalist. I would like to congratulate all the winners for this contest!


Thank you for all the wonderful submissions I’ve received. It’s been a difficult decision as I’ve received a lot of great writes. I’ve based my decisions on how much their poems touch me. It may not be the same for everybody but the list above is the official list of winners.

Congratulations to all!!



Contest, “Suppressed!”, has ended!

The contest in has ended 9 days ago as the maximum of 40 entries has been completed. I would like to thank everyone who submitted their entries. I have already read them and they are all amazing writes.

However, I have not finished on commenting on all poems. I can’t give everyone a trophy but I would like to congratulate everyone for submitting really fantastic pieces. As a reward for the very meaningful and emotional pieces submitted, I will exert effort to give every entry a nice comment.

Hoping for your patience in waiting for the judging to be completed. I have already selected some pieces which stand out for me emotionally but I am yet to eliminate some from the selection to arrive at the 5 finalists.

Finalists will be posted in this site soon.

My First Gold

I’m really sleepy and am about to sleep but as I check my email, I receive great news that inspire me to take time to post something on my blog today.

Just this month, I stumbled upon this contest…



It’s a contest in for Filipino writers. I was inspired to write and submit something.

I haven’t checked my emails for days and checking today, I receive a message that the contest has ended.



To my surprise, I see this…



I’m really happy to win especially it’s my first gold!! I didn’t spend that much time writing the poem but I did spend so much emotions in writing it. I am really happy to know that this poem has been greatly appreciated by the readers and the judge of the contest.

I would like to express my gratitude to Wanderess for picking my poem to win and of course, to all the readers. In AllPoetry’s site, this is my most read poem so far.

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

To WordPress readers, you can view this poem here. I’m glad to share with you the poem, Kapalit ay Luha. Hope you like it.

You can’t just give up

Wow! I really love articles written by mteodoraa. I have loved a lot of her writings. This post strikes me the most so I am reblogging it.

Manić Teodora

Magic happens to those who don’t give up even when they don’t have strength to keep going. Universe keeps falling in love in unbeatable heart.

Magija se događa onima koji ne odustaju čak i onda kada nemaju snage da se bore dalje. Univerzum se uvek zaljubljuje u nepobediva srca. 

How many times have you felt tiredness in your heart, something heavy on your soul, weakness and need for air, and it felt like there’s none of it. How many times have you wanted to run away from rest of the world, close inside four walls, just to disappear? How many times have you thought that you were beaten up, that they succeeded to bring you down, that you are deep down, on bottom? How many times have you given up on yourself, life, and world? How many times have you given up, and you shouldn’t have? You should have stayed…

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Jer ono u šta ljudi poveruju, to će vremenom i postati.❤ Because in what people belive, that's who they will become as the time passes by. ❤

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